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Turn creating and grading exams into

simple, effective and fun part of a teacher's job

Dugga is a flexible system for digital exams, tests, homework tests and other types of knowledge assesments. Dugga is platform independent and can be used on for example PC, Mac, Chromebook and iPad. Our system provides instant feedback to teachers and enables teachers to spend more qualitative time with students.

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New possibilities -

Increased quality of learning outcomes

Dugga provides new possibilities for teachers and their schools. Teachers can finally exchange those heaps of paper and pen exams for more time in the classroom. Dugga offers various flexible solutions for knowledge assessment for better student results.

Dugga is developed for elementary schools, high schools, colleges and universities.


Automized marking reduces administration tasks


Teachers can focus on teaching and improving students' learning and results


Providing unbiased, anonymous and accurate marking


Allowing faster results, feedback and re-examinations

Knowledge assessment -

a complete solution for your school

Are you looking for information about digital exams and a complete solution for knowledge assessment for your school? Dugga enables various types of knowledge assessment of your students. With Dugga, exams, tests and home exams can be transformed into grades according to the grading scale of your choosing. 


"It has been rewarding to have been part of the development of Dugga which we now are using. This type of flexible examination system is a necessity, both as part of the digitalization and development of our school and to ease teachers' daily work load."

- Mattias Wickberg, Lead Teacher Stockholm Science and Innovation School

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